Habits of the Investing Greats

In this episode of the Saving Yourself from Wall Street, we talk to Ron DeLegge, host of the Index Investing Radio show and founder of, where he discusses his new book, Habits of the Investing Greats. Ron profiles some remarkable investors in this podcast and the mental approach they took to achieve greatness. We also talk about passive […]

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SECURE Act and AARP’s hidden agenda

For this week’s podcast, we look at the SECURE Act that Congress is working to pass. I hate it. Take a listen to see why, and why I think you need to call your elected representative. Yes, it is that bad. I finish by discussing how AARP isn’t really the champion for the senior citizen […]

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Real Estate

Creating a Stress Free Real Estate Transaction

In this week’s episode, we are talking to Howard Stross, the Founder of the Stross Law Firm, an estate planning and real estate law firm in Oldsmar, Florida. I have known Howard for over 15 years, and I always learn something from him in every discussion. In this segment, Howard outlines the “Stress-Less Real Estate […]

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Ethics Podcast Retirement

Top States for Retirement

In this episode of the Saving Yourself from Wall Street podcast, we look at a study of the best (and worst) states for retirees. Also, we do a follow up to how Wall Street is compensated. I break down how much your commissioned planner is paid to sell products. Here is a link to […]

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