Debt Investing Podcast

Where is the Economy Headed?

In this week’s episode of the Saving Yourself from Wall Street podcast, we are taking a look at my longer term outlook for the economy. This will take place over two session, and this is the first session. In this session, we focus on banking and how it will play a role in the future […]

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Podcast Retirement

Selecting the Best Medicare Plan for You

The open enrollment period for Medicare began on October 15th and runs through December 7th – Pearl Harbor Day. Why is this important? Well, unbeknownst to most Medicare recipients, you can switch your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan to ensure you have the optimal plan for you. Most folks on Medicare just stay on […]

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Ethics Podcast Retirement

Top States for Retirement

In this episode of the Saving Yourself from Wall Street podcast, we look at a study of the best (and worst) states for retirees. Also, we do a follow up to how Wall Street is compensated. I break down how much your commissioned planner is paid to sell products. Here is a link to […]

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Personal Finance Podcast

Paying Wholesale for College

Getting into, and paying for college, is one of the biggest stressors for kids AND parents today. And, overpaying for school can have a material impact on a parent’s retirement as well as the start of a student’s financial life. Today’s guest helps students and parents bring order to the college chaos.  Andy Lockwood, owner […]

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Ethics Investing Podcast

Interview with Dan David

You are in for another treat this week. We recently interviewed Dan David, the V.P. of GeoInvesting. Dan has had an interesting path from his school days in Flint, Michigan to running a hedge fund to being profiled in the award winning movie, “The China Hustle”, to running for Congress. Dan brings his no b.s. […]

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Investing Podcast

Interview with Cale Smith

In this podcast, I talked to one of my best friends dating back to my days at the Coast Guard Academy, Cale Smith. Cale founded Islamorada Investment Management back in 2008 as the world was in financial chaos – great timing, right. Cale’s money management process is quite different, and investor friendly, than Wall Street’s. […]

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Investing Personal Finance Podcast

Interview with Jared Dillian

We were fortunate enough to chat with Jared Dillian recently to discuss a wide array of issues. For those who don’t know Jared, he is the author for The Daily Dirtnap and The 10th Man newsletters published through Mauldin Economics. Jared has published two books as well, Street Freak and All the Evil of this World. Jared was at Lehman Bros. the day it went […]

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