New Retirement Planning

October 10, 2019

Retirement planning usually revolves around how much do you have saved or how you are invested. Discussions incorporate Social Security, long term care, health care costs, and investments. Rarely, the conversation focuses on how to shape your retirement years: how will you spend your time; how will you contribute to society; what social networks will you have; what are your passions. Retirement can be the longest period of your entire life. It isn’t the short stop from stopping work to death. You could have 30 years or more of life.

Today’s guests are Jeannette Lalonde and Mary Morency. They help their clients zero in on the life arenas that are most important to them and to create a plan that is flexible and unique to their situation. I think you will find this discussion useful, and if you are like most Americans, you will realize you haven’t done enough retirement planning.

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