Navigating the Trump Tax Code Part II

The first year of the new Trump tax laws is officially in the books. It was a brutal year for most people. It wasn’t brutal as far as total tax paid or annual tax liability. This went down for the vast majority of people. However, with the new changes, new IRS withholding tables, and alterations […]

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Personal Finance Podcast

Paying Wholesale for College

Getting into, and paying for college, is one of the biggest stressors for kids AND parents today. And, overpaying for school can have a material impact on a parent’s retirement as well as the start of a student’s financial life. Today’s guest helps students and parents bring order to the college chaos.  Andy Lockwood, owner […]

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Investing Podcast

Interview with Cale Smith

In this podcast, I talked to one of my best friends dating back to my days at the Coast Guard Academy, Cale Smith. Cale founded Islamorada Investment Management back in 2008 as the world was in financial chaos – great timing, right. Cale’s money management process is quite different, and investor friendly, than Wall Street’s. […]

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