Tools to Navigate the Next Market Downturn

In today’s episode of the Saving Yourself from Wall Street podcast, we talk to Sean O’Hara of Pacer Financial. We discuss the history of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and how ETFs are being unfairly characterized as the next weapon of financial mass destruction. We then switch to discuss Pacer Financial’s tools to protect your portfolio […]

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Investing Personal Finance Podcast

Interview with Jared Dillian

We were fortunate enough to chat with Jared Dillian recently to discuss a wide array of issues. For those who don’t know Jared, he is the author for The Daily Dirtnap and The 10th Man newsletters published through Mauldin Economics. Jared has published two books as well, Street Freak and All the Evil of this World. Jared was at Lehman Bros. the day it went […]

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