Paying Wholesale for College

Getting into, and paying for college, is one of the biggest stressors for kids AND parents today. And, overpaying for school can have a material impact on a parent’s retirement as well as the start of a student’s financial life. Today’s guest helps students and parents bring order to the college chaos.  Andy Lockwood, the owner of Lockwood College Prep, has two best-selling books on the topic, “How to Pay Wholesale for College” and “Incomparable Applicant.”

Andy found his way into the college planning industry after a stint as a corporate lawyer and after amassing over $100,000 of college debt himself from his undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University and St. Johns University School of Law. Now, Andy, along with his wife Pearl, helps students and parents navigate these treacherous waters while simultaneously bringing down stress levels with humor and sarcasm. If you have children approaching college, you are going to love today’s interview.

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