Interview with Cale Smith

In this podcast, I talked to one of my best friends dating back to my days at the Coast Guard Academy, Cale Smith. Cale founded Islamorada Investment Management back in 2008 as the world was in financial chaos – great timing, right. Cale’s money management process is quite different and investor-friendly than Wall Street’s. Cale developed the Spoke Fund model. Before creating Islamorada Investment Management, Cale served as managing director of an investor relations firm, lead equity analyst for an independent research firm, and an analyst at a hedge fund. In addition, Cale served as an officer in the US Coast Guard.

In this interview, we take a deep dive into value investing, Warren Buffett, Tesla, and Cale’s advice to his young self. This is an illuminating interview, and I think you will gain an understanding of an approach to value investing.

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