Interview with Jared Dillian

We were fortunate enough to chat with Jared Dillian recently to discuss a wide array of issues. For those who don’t know Jared, he is the author of The Daily Dirtnap and The 10th Man newsletters published through Mauldin Economics. Jared has published two books as well, Street Freak and All the Evil of this World. Jared was at Lehman Bros. the day it went under and has served as the head of ETF trading for Lehman (before its demise, obviously).

If you want an interesting take on Lehman Bros., the stock market, personal finance, Tesla, Warren Buffett, and the Federal Reserve, please take a lesson.

On a side note, we had some recording issues where my voice was a bit scrambled. I apologize, but this is a fascinating interview with a true contrarian of Wall Street.

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